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Architects and designers

6 reasons to choose Battig

  1. Exceptional quality
  2. Chemistry of design and materials
  3. Combining know-how
  4. Technology in the service of design
  5. Integrated management system
  6. Battig from A to Z

Exceptional quality

Supported by the crossover expertise of its team of professionals, since 1998, Battig has been designing creations of outstanding technical and artistic quality that are recognized as architectural signatures.

Chemistry of design and materials

Battig is constantly looking for new materials, processes, and combinations that will enable it to execute unique, original, innovative concepts and projects.

Combining know-how

When you choose Battig, you are surrounding yourself with experts in combining materials who will help you design and execute your multi-material projects.

Technology in the service of design

Battig uses cutting edge design software to create its production plans and thereby take projects from ideas into reality with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy.

Integrated management system

Thanks to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system, Battig ensures impeccable, strict, and efficient project management that makes it possible to monitor operations from submission to delivery.

Battig from A to Z

Battig is in charge of each step of the project: the work is done entirely by Battig and its team of professionals, which ensures cohesion between the various stages and a finished product of exceptional quality.