New York Stairs

Bättig Design is the leader in modern stairs projects in New York.


Our staircases and handrails can look like urban sculptures made of glass, steel, stainless steel, wood, forged iron, stone or other materials. Our expertise with glass stairs and curved glass handrails is rare even in New York.


Whether your staircase project is residential or commercial, you will be pleased with the results we provide.


We have been embellishing and giving prestige to commercial centers, hotels, government buildings, and private properties for 25 years. Our staircase expertise is available to architects, designers and everyone else who want to implement or improve great stairs and handrails ideas.


If you want your property or your business to have the nicest stairs in New York so that it becomes your real estate signature, Bättig Design is the solution!


We are the stairs leaders in New York and our expertise is second to none.